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Leading the Renaissance in Quality

Utilizing modern manufacturing techniques and innovative designs, Country Toys has engineered a process for building quality; hand-finished wooden toys and cutting boards intended to last for generations to come.

Country Toys goes to great lengths to incorporate physical movement into each toy. These magnificent toys engage children's imagination and maintain their attention. The primary material used is soft ponderosa pine, which is sanded to a smooth finish.

We utilize the best hardwoods available to make colorful and unique designs that will endure daily use. None of our products use any dyes or stains, just natural wood, the color they are in nature!

The new demand for wooden toys is natural.

Wood has so many advantages over plastic. Plastic toys are expensive, soon broken or abandoned, and poorly constructed. Plastic also contains a possible heath risk. In numerous studies of wood versus plastic, scientists have demonstrated that plastic retains and helps spread germs.

Wood, on the other hand, almost totally eliminates the transfer of germs. Wood naturally draws bacteria below the surface and kills it.

Limitless Creativity, Uncompromising Quality

Country Toys is passionate about quality and creativity. New designs are constantly coming off our drawing board.


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